Friday, February 17, 2012

Wise Words (Master Shih Cheng Yen)

Wise Words - Hopefully after you read the wise words of the Master Shih Cheng Yen below can change lives and properties of all of us. let a friendship and mutual respect for one another.


1. Fools build the separation wall in his heart, a wise man knocked down the dividing wall and peaceful coexistence with others.

2. The greatest success in life is to bounce back from failure. Love Quotes Sayings

3. There are two things that can not be postponed in life: devotion to parents and do good.

4. If you want to increase wisdom, we must free ourselves of the nature of craving and doubts. wise quotes sayings

5. Ideals should be high and far forward, but the steps required for it, should be applied from now on.

6. Do not continue to commemorate the services have been given, do not forget the mistakes ever made. Forget revenge is in the heart, but do not ever forget the favor received. Wise Words " Healing "

7. Excessive desire, but the suffering is also often lead people to perform acts that bring in something bad. Wise Words "Happiness"

8. Do not be afraid driven by people who are more capable than we are. Because the impetus will be encouraged to go ahead.

9. People do not have rights to life, but only have the right to use it.

10. Water droplets can form a river, a collection of grains of rice to meet the barn. Do not underestimate your own conscience, do good deeds despite small. Wise Words "Living With Hearts"


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